Reputation Feeder Cattle® bring $3.19 per pound at April, 2015 Superior Sale

Reputation Feeder Cattle® customer Tom and Paula Watkins from the Yolo Ranch in Ringwood, Oklahoma are happy with the results – and the payout – they received from their calves marketed using the Reputation Feeder Cattle® program. Tom’s comments and explanation of how they came to use the program is given below.

“The cattle industry is changing rapidly. Ten years ago I did not know the difference between a Hereford or a heifer. I was a career, near-retirement scientist in the medical arena, so I had some knowledge of statistics and noticed that the cattle industry was keeping track of quite a few numbers.

Thinking the industry must have a reason for all those EPDs, I made bull purchases based on what I would want my grandmother to be able to eat without her teeth. It was not an economic decision, just a hunch.

A few years later, I was discussing the trends in the industry with my vet as we were working cattle, and we thought that at some point in the future there would be a separation of prices paid for same-weight cattle. In the meantime, we watched, kept track of age and source verification, participated in NHTC and GAP programs and did anything else to add value to our cattle and marketing programs.

Well, the future is now. No longer do producers have to settle for “I guess I will take whatever you give me.” Finally someone has stepped up to the plate and devised a program that will indicate the genetic potential in calves to feeders, by using knowledge available through EPDs. This information allows the producer to market their cattle to feeders that want to make a profit on the cattle they feed. Simple!

This program is offered by Reputation Feeder Cattle® through Verified Beef, and it works. Want proof? Go to Lot #3066 in the Superior Livestock Sale, April 10, 2015 and you will see that we received $3.19/lb. for our 500 pound steers. ‘Nuff said.”


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