What are verified Genetics?

Verified Genetics is a new concept in the feeder cattle production and marketing chain, but nothing new to animal scientists and population geneticists.  For decades, the beef cattle scientific community has used Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) to verify the genetic capability of a particular animal. This technology has been used with great success in the seedstock sector to identify individual animal’s genetic profile for economically important traits.

The commercial sector has used EPDs to identify bulls and females that will move their herd in the genetic direction necessary to meet their production goals.

With the advent of the Reputation Feeder Cattle program and the patented Genetic Merit Scorecard, this technology has been expanded to apply to an entire herd and is expressed in terms of relative market value.


What is a genetic merit scorecard?

Genetic potential (or lack thereof) is inherent in any set of feeder calves. You’re very familiar with EPDs and how to use them when you select herd sires. Until now, there has not been a tool to express that genetic value when it comes time to sell your calves.

The Genetic Merit Scorecard® program has taken the power and credibility of EPDs to the next level by translating them into economic terms that are meaningful to feeder cattle buyers.

The Genetic Merit Scorecard® program takes EPDs of all the bulls used in your herd for the past 10 years, converts the data into simple-to-understand values, and shows your herd’s rank (relative to the national average) for the traits that are most important to cattle feeders when predicting profit potential:

1 Average Daily Gain
2 Carcass Weight
3 Feed-to-Gain Ratio
4 Ribeye Area
5 Yield Grade
6 Percent Choice

The primary goal is to improve profit for both the rancher and feeder:
• Cow/calf producers have the opportunity to cash in on the full genetic value of their calves beyond the ranch gate.
• Cattle feeders can easily compare herds and evaluate how much more to bid for genetically superior cattle that fit within their specific production and marketing systems.

How is a relative value determined?

The Reputation Feeder Cattle certification combined with the patented Genetic Merit Scorecard® program provide an objective, fact-based indicator of the hidden genetic value in a set of calves, so feeders can predict how the cattle will perform – and you can get paid for producing superior cattle. The Reputation Feeder Cattle certification identifies quality based on three fundamental principles:

Genetic Merit
Calf Management Practices
Age and Source Verification