Reputation Feeder Cattle™ (RFC) is a unique program that was developed by Verified Beef of Bozeman, Mont., one of the nation’s leading U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Program (PVP) providers.

Capitalizing on their expertise in verification, Verified Beef created Reputation Feeder Cattle as a third-party audited program that identifies quality cattle based on genetic merit, calf management and age and source.

The most unique aspect of RFC and at the heart of the program is the Genetic Merit Scorecard®, which provides a number that predicts the relative value of a set of calves based on expected progeny differences (EPDs) of sires used in the herd for the previous ten years. The methods and science behind the Genetic Merit Scorecard are unique and original – so much so that the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent for it.

RFC was created as a tool to help both producers and feeders differentiate the inherent value of a set of calves using genetic merit and post-weaning production potential. While the cattle industry has long had pre- and at-weaning production evaluators as well as feedlot production indicators, this program is the only tool that identifies and quantifies feeder-calf value from the ranch gate to the rail. RFC purposely does not assign specific value labels (i.e. good, better, best), but it does provide information that allows the marketplace to identify cattle on a merit-based gradient.